Psychic Temple in The Wire


Two new Psychic Temple LPs are reviewed this month in The Wire, IMO one of the very few music publications left that can still be depended on for smart, thoughtful music criticism. I like this bit:

“In one speaker, Philip Glenn’s Hammond organ laps and trickles; in the other, Cathlene Pineda lays down Wurlitzer chords that recall Alice Coltrane’s spiritual exultations on ‘Oh Allah’. When the familiar six-note motif makes its entrance, it’s through trumpeter Kris Tiner, who rejects the original’s studied blankness in favor of lyrical, expressive vibrato, unfurling the riff and reaching its tips out in new directions.”

Psychic Temple Plays Music for Airports is nearly sold out, and Psychic Temple III is available now on Asthmatic Kitty Records.

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